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Free Exact-Match Name Search

Fill out the form for an exact-match name search to “prescreen” your proposed trademark name. When we receive your request, we do a preliminary search of the official government databases of corporate names and trademarks, using the NUANS database maintained by Industry Canada. A live person does the search and sends you the results by email.

Please note:
1. This is an exact character search only, so you shouldn’t rely on it as your only search before an application. If there are no exact matches for the name you want, your next step should be a more comprehensive search.
2. The search isn’t automated, so you won’t get instant results. A live person actually does the search for you.
3. Please be sure to check the email address you provide. Twice. If our reply bounces back because we don’t have the right email address, we have no way to contact you with your results.
4. To make sure you can receive email from us, please add to your address book or whitelist. If you don’t get your results in a day or so, please check your spam folder before you re-submit your request.
And finally: We use your email address only for the search results. We won’t contact you again unless we hear from you and we will never ever ever share your information with anyone else. (Promise.)

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